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Fishing Gift Chicago Fishing Lessons

Great Fishing Gift & Free Fishing Gear

Thinking of giving a club membership as a gift? This is probably the greatest gift you can give to a Chicago person who fishes. You won't believe how happy you will make them after they get out and catch 30 fish. All new anglers have success, kids too. This past summer I took a friend fishing who has autism and I taught him some tricks. He caught 60 fish including a 4-pound monster!

Free Gear & a Great Gift for Dads, Families, Parents & Fishing Kids
With a gift membership they can join this educational club anytime of they year because your membership is always good for 365 days from when they join. Great fishing gift for dads, parents, fishing kids & families. Memberships include a stack of free seminars, on-water lessons, tackle discounts and most importantly, catching fish near home. Find out more and buy a gift membership today.

When you purchase the gift membership now through Jan. 1st, you will recieve a memberhsip gift certificate from me as well as a coupon for free fishing gear indlucing a float, hooks and a fish remover tool- a $10 value!

Chicago Fishing School Classes

Chicago's exclusive fishing school (MAC or Chicago Fishing School) will take you through a season of learning with a 3- season rotation of events built to add the skills you need to have big success fishing around Chicago. The skills you learn will improve your catch much like this video:


New Tackle for Chicago & Bank Anglers Everywhere
Taught by one of the greatest anglers in the US and best teachers, I really know how to catch fish around Chicago. I also know tackle locally is poor and we can't get basic items to fish. I am working with local tackle stores to stock all the items you need for success. Proper hooks, good line, poles, reels, rods and most importantly proper floats so you can catch some fish. Look for a lot more information in days to come.

Baits & Attractants will be new this season too as I am working with two of my friends to stock excellent ground bait and attractant bait additives around the area and will be recommending everyone have this stuff.

Regional Fishing Events to Be Added
Learn Fishing Chicago!

Fishing lessons around Chicago this Winter & Spring for 2010! Our club is a great place to learn to fish Chicago waters and the Chicago suburban waters. Chicago Fishing School offers fishing lessons to all levels of anglers as well as guided fishing sessions and club fishing events all over the Chicago area. Remember last year how you didn't catch fish near home? We promise to put you on a lot of fish as well as big fish right near your home within 20 minutes of Chicago in parks, forest preserves and park district ponds.
Chicago Fishing School
remember those hours out trying to catch a bass and end ending up only with a few small fish. How about 100 fish and a couple of 4 lb. fish the next time you go out? Fishing events featuring instruction, demonstrations and timed fishing derbies will help you learn methods not shown on TV and not in books. An average day fishing for our club members fishing on public waters of Chicago's suburbs, will probably be better than your entire month fishing. Join our fishing club or find out where to take our fishing seminars and catch more or larger fish guaranteed! Click Here

Chicago Fishing School - Chicago, IL
The MAC (Midwest Angler Chicago -Fishing Club) offers the chance for new anglers, Jr. Anglers and adults in the Chicago area to register, learn how to fish, meet new friends and improve your catch- right near home! The MAC Fishing Club is the event-arm of the Chicago Fishing School Our philosophy is - to the power of 8. Every angler we meet and who joins the club will improve your catch times 8. While some of our anglers improve their catch 100 times over, you will:
1. Catch more fish
2. Save money with simple gear, baits
2. Cherish local waters & ecosystems
3. Drive less, fish more
4. Build angling in Chicago area
5. Appreciate all fish
6. Pass what you learned on
7. Support USA Angling team & tradition
8. Have a lot of fun catching fish

The MAC is a Chicago Fishing Club dedicated to American Angling and teaching U.S. Anglers living in the Chicago's suburbs. With educational events around Chicago, the MAC's dedicated members will show you the best of the local fishing scene.


  • New to fishing?
  • Wishing to teach your children or family how to catch fish?
  • Wanting to catch more or larger fish near your house?
  • Frustrated in your fishing success?
  • Desiring to defeat your buddy on your local pond?
  • A seasoned angler looking for a fun, semi-competitive fishing league?

The MAC will open new doors to you! If you are a seasoned angler, but don't fish Chicago, but are thinking about it - we can put you on a lot of fish & big fish nearly all the time. Learn to fish the baits that work the best so you actually catch fish and experience the Chicago fishing scene at its best. Catching fish using our methods will make you deadly at landing big game fish in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Canada - or anywhere you might go.

The techniques I learned in Chicago from a fishing teacher and master US Angler, helped me to personal bests landing huge walleye, blue fin tuna, carp, northern pike, king salmon, channel catfish and rainbow trout that I might have lost. With local Chicago fishing practice, help me hook up with more fish and help me to land many more fish. My teacher, Mick Thill added skills to my game the first time out in which I hooked and landed 5 straight 4 - 6 lb. fish in the period of an hour without losing a single fish.

Joining is simple
You may visit one of our free events or mini-seminars and then decide to join after. You might just want to purchase our seminar series or a one-on-one session, many packages are available.

Our events are very simple, the cost is below $60 annually with many discounts for family, friends, seniors, military, teachers & public servants (police, fire, elected officials as well as 2nd year members!).

What is required?
1. Attend one or two fishing events a year
2. Be environmentally sound, protect local waters
3. Pledge to US fishing ethics
4. Either volunteer for 1 kid's fishing event- or help organize
5. Fish, Learn & Have Fun
6. Keep membership dues current
7. Pass on what you learn to one new member each year

Contact me for more information here

John Wilkins- angling instructor

Chicago Fishing School's MAC Fishing Club
Learn to use lures, jigs and how to use live bait to catch fish in the Chicago Area. DuPage County, Cook County for family, kids and local fishing for bluegill, carp, catfish, walleye, bass, crappie fishing in Northern Illinois. Our fishing events include fishing outings, fishing seminars in Chicago area for beginning anglers, intermediate & advanced.
Learn More Here

First Free Fishing Seminar:
Visit our Chicago Fishing School Schedule
Downers Grove

Fishing classes this Winter will include:
Basic Casting, Rod, Reel Components & Basics of fishing local ponds (still waters).
The angler will learn the best methods to cast, rig up and fish baits.
Included in these classes:
- live bait rigs
- fishing on a $3 budget
- getting fish to bite
- playing & landing fish
- defeating wind
- fishing plastics for local ponds
- fishing crankbaits
- small jigs, big success

Places we fish -
Arlington Heights
Downers Grove
Prospect Heights

What you will find on Midwest

Free fishing information, fishing show schedule, coupons, tips on bluegill, carp, channel catfish, bass, crappie, walleye and man more species of fish. Featured information about Chicago Fishing clubs, urban fishing tactics and fishing activities.

Midwest Angler is based in the Chicago area and is a fishing club that offers information on Chicago's park districts, forest preserve parks, public fishing lakes and great kids fishing information. Learn about places like Lake Arlington, Busse Woods, Plum Grove. This site is an excellent site to find Chicago Fishing information from top anglers.

Writers from Midwest Outdoors offer many fishing ideas to help you catch more fish anywhere in the Midwest. Pod casts made on the iPod and photographs taken with the iPhone.

Midwest Angler is also home of the Midwest's only fishing magazine for beginners & intermediate urban anglers. An educational fishing magazine dedicated to the newer angler, intermediate angler and match fishing bank angler. The Club Newsletter is available to all who wish to pick up key tips on urban bank angling and catching more fish in Chicago's waters, rivers, creeks, lakes and reservoirs. Subscribe Here

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